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Santa Monica photoshoot

TL;DR quick info card:

Favorite movie: Lost highway, Black snake moan, The guest
Favorite music: anything that goes well with roadtripping
Favorite director: Lynch, Tarantino
Favorite series: HIMYM, Twin peaks, Always Sunny
Favorite place to travel to: Tahoe, Croatian islands
Favorite non-film thing to do: backpacking, camping, skateboarding

"You only see the limit of the world through the limit of the mind."


My life philosophy has been and always will be: You can do anything you want, you just gotta want it enough.

As a child people would ask me “What do you wanna be when you grow up?” and my answer was always the same: “Jim Carrey”.


What I meant to say with that was: I’d love to make people laugh. I started writing skits as a 10 year old girl but only ever performed them for myself in the backyard. Eventually I started posting them on Youtube at the age of 15 where I now built a platform of people who enjoy my sense of humor. That lead to numerous other opportunities and now here I am and here you are, reading this.


I also decided I want to go study acting in LA at the age of 15 and started working that same year to save up for my dream school. I flew to London for 48 hours between my job shifts in 2015 to audition for it and got accepted.


I flew to LA the same year with virtually no financial support and just lived on day to day basis. Sometimes I went to food banks, sometimes I ate at a church, sometimes I lived off of $0.25 oriental Ramen for 2 days. But that didn't bother me for I was at my favorite place ever doing my favorite thing on the planet. Graduation day in 2017 was one of the most emotional days for me and after completing OPT I went straight for the gold: O1 visa.

In 2021 I moved back home to Slovenia because COVID made my plan for life kinda hectic. But that's just life. You can't plan everything and the more you try to control it the more resistance will occur. I tend to look on the bright side of life and I always find things to occupy myself with in between projects.

So when I'm not on set or working on projects, I spend my time outdoors - hiking, backpacking, camping, swimming in glacial waters, petting dogs and getting up at 5am to see the sun come up. And then I write about it.

In 2022 I started working on moving back to LA and successfully accomplished that mission in February of 2023.

Film & TV
"90 day sniffance" (web series, DMTV), 2022

"HP" (short film, Chris Sandoval), 2023



"Goose and Gander" (short film, Nexus production), 2021


"Nekaj sladkega" (feature film, dir. Tin Vodopivec), 2021

bit part

"Admit One" (web series, dir. Rene Abelar, Amazon Prime), 2020


"Aftermath" (short film, dir. Stephen Walsh, DSquad productions), 2019


"Razred zase" (TV series, dir. Urska Znidarsic, RTV Slovenia), 2015


"What we're made of" (feature film, dir. Celes Obispo), 2019


"Malaise" (short film, dir. Stephen Walsh), 2018


"Sleep paralysis" (internet project, dir. Percy Leon, Fantacular TV), 2017


"Bad Trip" (thesis film, dir. Drew Wall), 2016


Desert storm (thesis film, dir. Danielle Leksich), 2016


"Punca iz Avstralije" (short film, dir. Jure Kreft), 2012


"The makeover" (internet project, dir. Josh Ungar, RixFlix productions), 2017



Kia, 2022

Otrivin, 2022

Sava insurance, 2021

Erste bank, Zagreb, Croatia, 2021

"Sosed" new app, 2021

model for products for online store, 2021

Gorenje, canton fair, 2020

Wigglesteps, new collection 2020

Underarmour, "through the wall", 2020

Mobitel, summer edition, 2008

Mercator, annual catalog, 2008

Simobil, winter edition, 2008

Training & Workshops

American Academy of Dramatic Arts, class of 2017

trained with: Matthew Arkin, Scott Ramp, Jamie Nichols, Mark Knowles, Tim Landfield,...

Graham Shiels studios, 2019

Special Skills

Fluent in Slovenian, Croatian, English. Conversational Spanish.

Standard American, Russian, Eastern European accent.

Skateboarding, swimming, running, skiing, rollerblading, ice skating, volleyball, street hockey, bowling, yoga

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